Are raw germs dangerous for your life

raw germs dangerous

Are raw germs dangerous for your life or are just rumors

Are raw germs dangerous for your life or are just rumors. According to several studies in Germany, scientists browsing and studying strains of the bacterium Escherichia coli O104: H4 found that there is much chance of germs to infect you, which in some cases led to fatal.

As sad as it may sound, it has a great deal Ironically, at one point doing everything possible to eat healthier and the other what you consider useful it can kill you.

You’ll wonder how can this innocent little juicy, crunchy and tasty plant can be so dangerous. The main reason for developing the terrible bacterium is the fact that sprouts require moist and warm environment for its development, which are great conditions for the development of the bacteria.

Such places are like incubators and can not stop the development of microbes. Normally seed sprouts come after you rob the harvest field where the plants are in constant touch with bugs, mice, birds, pigs and what not animals that can infect them.

Salad with sprouts

In addition to this comes the fact that most of the seeds are imported from countries where there is no clean rivers. All these factors serve as a precondition for quick and easy development of bacteria.

Salad with sprouts

Are raw germs dangerous for your life and what is the opinion of specialists dieticians on this issue

Even if you try to grow them yourself at home seeds will still be the same again probably the soil could not be very clean, so the effect will be different.

It is recommended for older people, pregnant women and children with weakened immune systems should avoid eating raw sprouts. Thus, in China only a year were infected 10,000 people as most of them were children.

Of course, germs could be cooked, but then they will lose their crunchiness and most valuable qualities.

You alone must decide whether to eat sprouts or find yourself in this modern and think about very nutritious food.

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