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Is it safe and healthy to eat avocado kernel?

Is it safe and healthy to eat avocado kernel? Avocado is extremely popular these days. Each avocado has a large kernel that is usually thrown away, but some people claim there are health benefits and should be eaten. Others, however, wonder if it is safe to eat the avocado kernel. This article investigates whether it is safe and healthy to eat the avocado kernel.

What’s in the kernel of avocados?

Avocado nuts are wrapped in a hard shell and contain 13-18% of the size of the whole fruit. Information on its composition is limited but contains fatty acids, dietary fiber, carbohydrates and a small amount of protein. Nuts are also considered a rich source of phytochemicals, including substances that plants produce to protect themselves.

Health Benefits of Avocado kernel

In Nigeria, extracts from avocado kernels are used to lower high blood pressure. Nuts are considered to be underused, and early studies indicate that they may have some health benefits. Below you will see under what conditions the avocado kernel may be used. It can reduce blood sugar levels in diabetic rats. An animal study shows that it is as effective as an antidiabetic medicine.
High blood pressure

Avocado kernel

? Avocado is extremely popular these days

Animal studies have shown that avocado kernel extracts can help relieve blood vessels, helping to lower blood pressure – a major risk factor for heart disease. A tube test indicates that it stops the growth of spore-forming bacteria.

High cholesterol

Avocado has reduced total cholesterol and bad cholesterol in mice. However, avocado kernels are still not well researched. According to some scientists, they also contain harmful substances. There are concerns that some plant compounds in avocado seeds such as trypsin inhibitors and cyanogenic glycosides may be harmful. Safety tests for avocado nuts are in the early stages and limited to animal studies.

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How to eat avocado kernel

Avocado nuts are very difficult to consume and must be cooked before they are eaten. First, they should be dried in the oven at high temperature for several hours. Some people dry the kernels in the oven for two hours at 121 degrees. Once the kernel is dehydrated, it can be cut and placed in a mixer or kitchen robot while dust is formed. However, the drying process can significantly reduce the antioxidant content.

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