Cheesecake with raspberry jam

jam of raspberries and cottage cheese

Cheesecake with a jam of raspberries and cottage cheese

Two-color cheesecake with raspberry jam. Ingredients Necessary
biscuits – 350 g for cheesecake, butter – 125 g, sour cream – 400 g, cream cheese – 300 g, powdered sugar – 3 – 4 tablespoons, raspberry jam – 350 g, gelatin – 1 pc. chocolate – 1/2 pcs.

Method of preparation

Using a blender, cook the biscuits well. Put in a deep dish and add the melted butter to them. Mix to get crumbs. Mix the finished mixture at the bottom of a rectangular tray. Mix the sour cream with the cream cheese and add the powdered sugar. Prepare your gelatin as indicated on the packaging and add to the mixture.

Stir well and separate 1/2 part by pouring 2/3 of the sweet. The resulting color cream is poured on the biscuit base and distributed evenly. Then pour the white cream and smudge it. Using the grater, grate chocolate. Refrigerate for about 2 hours. We serve pieces decorated with raspberry jam.

Cheesecake with a jam of raspberries and cottage cheese

Two-color cheesecake with raspberry jam

Two-color cheesecake with raspberry jam

Tasty, dietetic and … the fastest-eating cheesecake we’ve ever tried.
Ingredients Necessary
For swamps
biscuits – 300 g plain, butter – 125 g, almonds – 1/2 hrs., hazelnuts – 1/2 h.
For cream
saltless curd – 1 sachet or 300 g, sour cream – 200 – 250 g, raisins – 1 handful, powdered sugar – 5 – 6 tablespoons, gelatin – 1 sachet

For raspberry raspberry jam

Method of preparation
Cook the biscuits very finely with a blender. Put the butter and the almonds and hazelnuts on the crushed biscuits. All this is kneaded and distributed on the bottom of a tray. Mix the sour cream, powdered sugar, unsalted curds and raisins, stirring until a smooth mixture is obtained.

During this time, we dissolve the gelatin and, when it is ready, add it to the blend. When the cream is ready, we pour into the biscuit bake tray. Leave for about an hour in the fridge until it tightens. Then pour a favorite homemade raspberry jam.

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