Donuts with a golden taste

Donuts with a golden taste

The original of this idea, however, came from somewhere in Canada

New York is the only place in the world that has the courage to sell donuts with a golden taste worth $ 100 each. The original of this idea, however, came from somewhere in Canada. Last year the owner of a restaurant selling mostly coffee and donuts created this special donut covered with 24-carat gold.

Its purpose was not profit for personal gain – what its objective it has the money to open the kitchen for the poor in their region. Kaminsky said that the idea of ​​her donut to help many people. When asked how her occurred, she replied that it all started when a customer asked her to make a special donut dough so that it can hide inside an engagement ring. Henceforth it caused your imagination run wild, to create a truly unprecedented donut with the perfect combination of taste and vision.

For the dough using a special water springing from the hills of Tennessee, which costs 39 dollar bottle. In addition to the cream put wine in 2008, which perfectly blends with hand-made chocolate curves. The secret ingredient of chocolate here is aged balsamic vinegar. Top donut is decorated with 24-carat gold and sugar diamonds. The first such Donut took the team seven hours to prepare, and now they have refined and handle about 4 hours.

So far, this team has developed about a dozen golden donuts as always when making a purchase, they make two to try and make sure that the luxuries they offer worth its high price. The next challenge Kaminski is the spicy donut with homemade chili sauce and covered with chocolate scorpion on top. Here’s a suggestion for homemade donuts. The oil (’45) melts. Eggs (2 pcs) are broken down with sugar (170 g) and then add flour (1/2 kg), baking powder (1 teaspoon) and salt (1 tenon.).

donuts with chocolate

original idea made by special technology with interesting ingredients. This idea helps many people to fulfill their dreams

The yogurt (240 g) was broken down and then added to the mixture. From the dough forms a ball, which is placed in a bowl and cover with transparent film. Leave in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. Then the dough is formed into a roll. Cut into equal pieces. Each piece is shaped into a ball by rolling between your palms. Then arms are flattened in order to obtain a form of a donut.

With finger hole is drilled in the middle and formed his fingers, so to get a ring. In a saucepan heat oil to 170 degrees. Donuts are placed in hot oil and when you come to the surface, turning with a slotted spoon. Fry only 3-4 donuts at a time. Arrange on a plate on a napkin. Once warm donuts slightly cool and drain the fat, sprinkle with powdered sugar (4 tablespoons).

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