Eating slowly is the key to low waist

It has long been known that eating slowly is the key to low waist and beautiful figure, but now British experts confirmed it. Eating at a slower pace will make us eat significantly less amount of food as opposed to fast meal, experts are quoted by the Daily Mail.

Eating slowly for health

Eating slowly is the key to a slim waist and beautiful figure

The study was done by scientists from the University of Bristol. For research specialists have used 40 people – all volunteers were fed with tomato soup, as their food is given with a hose from which participants drank. So volunteers could not estimate how much food borne.

The scientists fed them soup with 400 ml divided into two separate portions. The first portion was at a fast rate – 11.6 ml for 2 seconds, and then there were four seconds pause. The second portion of them was a slow flow rate of 5.4 ml of tomato soup for a second. Then there was a pause of ten seconds.

After being fed, the volunteers had to share how much fuller feel of tomato soup. Study participants who have eaten soup in slow motion, felt considerably City, unlike other volunteers, state the results. Moreover, they overestimated the amount they have consumed, while in the other group all thought that ate much less quantity.

Eating slowly for health

Proper nutrition helps not only good figure – choosing the right foods and eating a normal pace, can help your body to be healthy. Furthermore, good food and have a rejuvenating effect by smoothing facial lines and gives strength and shine. This writes the site Health.

Eating slowly salad

Eating slowly is the key to a slim waist, because eating less and feeling of satiety

Our diet affects the way we age, it is important daily menu we have enough vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fatty acids and so on. Some of the best foods for rejuvenation are blueberries, pomegranate, watermelon, cabbage, eggs rather than nuts – walnuts. As for drinks, experts recommend as much coffee.

While most diets are associated with the food we offer to pay more serious attention to what you drink. While Americans argue over the cause of the national epidemic of obesity, the researchers cut off – no compelling evidence that soft drinks with sugar play a leading role in weight gain.

It has long been known recommendation of nutritionists that every day a person should drink at least two liters of fluid a day. But in the early 20th century, when it was first talked about it, it came to water. Today, fewer and fewer people who prefer to satisfy their thirst with water.

Increasingly they drink sodas and juices. As a result of the early 70s of the last century calories that a person gets in satisfying your thirst, they increased twice. And those extra calories threaten overweight, diabetes and other health problems.



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