Eggs top food for health

boiled eggs for health

Does egg consumption, because of high cholesterol or increase

For years, we know that eggs top food for health because nutritionists are facing a dilemma: should limit egg consumption because of high cholesterol or increase, given their wealth of protein, vitamins and minerals. Recent scientific studies have shown that egg is useful food for everyone, even people with high cholesterol can afford one day.

How to recognize a fresh egg?

The easiest test at home is to immerse in water. If it is fresh, it will contain some air and sinks in the water, such as tilts on the sides. However, if it is not fresh, the air in it is a lot and it does not sink, and stands on the water surface. The protein of fresh egg white with a slight pink tinge and is no different, but the yolk is round and slightly raised in the middle. The egg is universal to us food that is easy to prepare and inexpensive.

Not to mention that a nice omelet can reach the tops of the culinary arts. Lipids contained in the yolk, have valuable nutritional properties. They have physical properties that allow them to mix its egg with other products – thanks to them and prepare homemade mayonnaise. It is understandable why scientists often use egg whites as a benchmark against which to measure the protein value of other food products.

Egg protein has the highest biological value of all sources, so the body absorbs it as complete. The quality of a protein depends on its efficacy on the growth of new human tissues. It is fat-free protein, which decays quickly to amino acids and quickly enters the muscles. Egg is a bouquet of vitamini- B6, B12, vitamin E, A and D. It is rich in phosphorus as a valuable for the live cells and the bone. The content does Iron is essential for the body, especially for blood exchange and supply the muscles with oxygen.

bacon egg sandwich for health

Eggs top food for health because they contain vitamins B6, B12, vitamin E, vitamin A

Brown or white eggs?

It does not matter what egg will obtain color. No food and no difference between them. The color of the shell depends on the breed of the hen. The composition of eggshell strikingly similar to that of human bone and teeth. It is an ideal source of easily absorbable calcium to the body. The introduction of the roasted and ground egg shells in the food gives proof of their high therapeutic value in a number of diseases such as rickets, osteoporosis, anemia, disorders of the spine.

This requires eggs to be washed with a brush, dish soap and warm water. After using the egg wash again with warm water, remove the skin and soak in boiling water for 5 minutes. Once dried before arrange a suitable container and bake in the oven for 10 minutes. Grind shells in a blender. Mix it with an equal amount of honey dew. Consumption is 1 teaspoon daily.


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