What would happen if you had an electric car in winter in traffic jam and the battery dropped? Can you imagine if all the cars were electric? Congestion during the winter months Very interesting questions, which we will consider in detail. Indeed, there are several bad circumstances here, and if we add to them that we have children in the car, the situation becomes more than worrying.

Electric car in the winter in a traffic jam
Electric car in the winter in a traffic jam

Of course, the manufacturers of this type of car have provided such an option, although the idea is to drive in the car, not to stand still and warm up. Another interesting point is that even if you call for roadside assistance, they won’t help you much, because you remember that everyone has the same problem as yours. Therefore, roadside assistance cannot reach your car exactly, as you are still in a traffic jam.

Last but not least, after being in the car all night, even if the road is cleared in the morning, you do not have the energy to leave indefinitely.

Congestion of electric cars in winter

At least in the summer you will not need to heat the cabin, but the air conditioner will be very busy.

These questions should be asked to governments that want to introduce green energy en masse. Electric car manufacturers themselves already have a solution to this problem. In addition to being able to run long distances, the batteries can maintain a temperature of up to 20 degrees Celsius in the cabin for tens of hours. Auxiliary systems in electric cars How is this achieved?

There are several variants, one of which is well known in electrical circuits, namely high resistance, proportional to high heat dissipation. This is a large overconsumption of electricity and in this case is unsuccessful. The new electric cars shown at the Paris Motor Show are already made with heat pumps, which save a lot of energy on the batteries and at the same time heat them. Depends on the capacity of the batteries.

If well charged, they can withstand many hours at a cabin temperature of around 20 degrees.

Congestion during the summer months

Electric car in the winter in a traffic jam
Electric car in the summerin a traffic jam

The best option in such cases is a hybrid car, which has been discussed more than once in our previous articles. For this reason, we only mention it. But back to electric cars.

Although the European Union wants to impose green energy in big cities, drivers are still quite skeptical in the winter. Their fears are completely justified, especially if then a powerful off-road jeep passes them.

Recently, Korean cars have been shown to have closed-type batteries so that a fluid that maintains a constant temperature can circulate inside.

There is still much to be desired in the improvement of electric cars and this is just the beginning of a new era in this industry. The race for customers is great, as is the life of this type of car.

Our advice is to know your car very well and to keep it in good condition during the winter, so as not to take a shower on the road. Use your Eco modes wisely to operate your electric car to reduce energy consumption.