Foods that make us hungry

Dried fruit

Did you know there are foods that make us hungry and make us more getting hungry

Did you know there are Foods that make us hungry and make us more getting hungry? Next 5 foods should be consumed in the presence of other balancing products.

Dried fruit

Dried fruits increase blood sugar levels, which will make you hungry soon after eating them. Instead try a snack from a small dried fruit with less fat or protein, to delay absorption of sugar. Combine them with a handful of nuts, yogurt – even a piece of jerky.


If you start your day with a hearty bowl muesli or cereal will savagely hungry within just one or two hours. If you like granola, try this high in nuts and coconut, with a low sugar content and accept a lesser amount thereof, in combination with yogurt.

Juice (even green)

Foods that make us hungry

Foods that make us hungry therefore have to look for extra food that satisfies us without interfering with our weight and health

Fresh juices can be an excellent addition to your diet. However, if you rely heavily on juices, insulin levels will rise very rapidly and will increase the release of the hormone of hunger. By nature juices are without fiber which means that you can absorb nutrients immediately. The problem is when we choose mostly very sweet fruits to make them (because let’s face it – kale and celery do most delicious juice). Thus we accept pure sugars that also absorb very quickly.

White rice

White rice is simply starch which rapidly dissolves in the body. This leads to a burst of energy followed by a crash in blood sugar and inevitable death. And if you easily daily to avoid white rice, it can withstand the plateau sushi can be a problem.


This should not surprise anyone. Alcohol is known for excitation of hunger. When alcohol is processed in the body, it acts like sugar and full body with insulin. Plus, alcohol reduces inhibitions and you prone to overeating. Consume alcohol in small doses and in the company of a diet rich in protein and vegetables instead of heavy carbohydrates.

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