Foods that will make you hungry

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Not all salads will leave you hungry but…

Foods that will make you hungry and with the coming of December is a time to overeat. We consume chocolates, pastries, various meat dishes all day and what not.

We decided once a year to allow more than we need, and there is nothing wrong with that. Have you ever thought about why you still feel hungry on the backdrop of all this eating? That is why it often happens, though we have just felt, to feel more hungry than before.

These processes are not recommended for us because they can lead to different health problems in addition to being fatal. See the next gallery about what foods to avoid if we want to satisfy our hunger quality and also do not add extra centimeters around your waist.

1. Crackers
Most crackers, albeit low-calorie, are simple carbohydrates, which means they are quickly absorbed by the body and make it want more. Experts recommend eating them with ricotta, avocado or humus to help ease your hunger and give the body the necessary nutrients.

2. Salads

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Most crackers, albeit low-calorie, are simple carbohydrates

Not all salads will leave you hungry, but those made from leafy vegetables will in no case satisfy your hunger. For this, add cinnama, boiled brown rice, sweet potatoes, chickpeas or salmon to the salad. Do not forget healthy avocado fat for example. Only then eating a salad will have the beneficial and satiating effect you are looking for.

3. Juices
Although full of vitamins, the juices are high in sugar and low in fiber, fat and protein. They will in no case save your hunger, but will only make you feel swollen. Although they are antioxidant, if you drink more juices without consuming enough nutrients, it will make your body digest fructose more quickly and raise your blood sugar levels.

4. Artificial sweeteners
Your dietary car may not contain calories, but it damages a much more insidious way. Low-calorie products are filled with artificial sweeteners. They are not a healthy alternative to sugar. These kinds of chemical additives make us enjoy more sweet taste and make us want more and more, all the time we can not get enough. That’s exactly why experts advise to avoid large amounts of low-calorie products.

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