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Health benefits of chia seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids

Small but priceless health benefits of chia seeds ! Deservedly Chia seeds have a reputation for superfood. They may be very small, but they are an exclusive source of vitamins. In fact, only 1 spoon of chia seeds contains only 69 calories and can boast about 5 grams of fiber, 4 grams of fat and 2 grams of protein.

You can find many foods that are high in fiber and fat, but chi seeds have these benefits in a very small package, making them a supreme superfood, said Down Jackson Blatner, a well-known renown nutritionist.

The applications are as numerous as the useful qualities of the chita! You can add them to salads, pastries, puddings, snacks, snacks, soups and much more. And if you are not yet convinced enough, we present 6 detailed reasons why chi tea is extremely beneficial to your health.

Rich in fiber on chia seeds

One tablespoon of chia seeds contains 5 g of fiber – about 20% of the recommended daily intake of fiber. By contrast, the same quantity of brown rice contains only 0.2 g of fiber. Although dietary fiber can help lower cholesterol levels and preserve our digestive health, statistics show that most women only take about 15 grams per day – much less than the recommended 25.

Chia seeds for strong bones

Health benefits of chia seeds
Health benefits of chia seeds are very rich in protein and fiber, which help to bones

Chia seeds are high in phosphorus and magnesium – two minerals that can help maintain the strength of our bones. In a study, people with the highest phosphorus intake have been shown to have a 45% lower risk of osteoporosis than those with the lowest doses. 1 tablespoon Chia seeds contain 122 mg of phosphorus and 47 mg of magnesium.

Chia seeds rich in protein

It’s hard for people who eat only plant food to find sources rich in proteins that contain all the essential amino acids needed by the body to keep functioning. Proteins are commonly found in animal products, including meat, poultry and seafood.

Chia seeds, however, contain protein, making them a good option for vegans and vegetarians. Since 1 tbsp. will give you only 2 g of protein (this is one of the reasons why it should not be your primary source of protein), you can increase your protein intake by combining it with a glass of soy milk or almond milk.

Chia seeds can also be a significant substitute for eggs in recipes. Add 3 tablespoons water to 1 tsp. Chia seed and you will have the amount of substitute mix per 1 egg!

Chia seeds rich on omega-3-fatty acids

Chia seeds are a source of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), a type of omega-3 fatty acid – a powerful defense against cardiovascular disease. ALA is a major fatty acid and since your body can not produce it alone, you should take it through your diet.

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Small but priceless health benefits of chia seeds

Hydrating properties

Soaked chia seeds can help athletes and cyclists stay hydrated. In a study it has been proven that 1 g of cha flour can absorb about 12 g of water.

For weight loss

Seed chi contains a high percentage of fiber, which prevents fast absorption of fat and sugars and thus prevents the formation of fatty deposits on the body. Useful trace elements, such as magnesium, zinc, vitamins C, E and A, promote metabolism at the cellular level and accelerate fat burning.

Soaked chia seeds take up so much water that they can easily saturate you. They actually swell and surround themselves with a gelatinous consistency that helps people quickly stay out of town!