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Healthy eating at work, in most cases means long hours at the computer

Healthy eating at work, in most cases means long hours at the computer, prolonged staring and serious concentration on daily, often quite annoying tasks become every working day at a uniform series of events, irregular meals during the day, late homecoming , untimely dinner and so on..

Unfortunately, there is no escape from work, given that it is our secured and makes us feel full for himself and for his family, but nonetheless, there how to escape bad habits in the workplace. And one of our worst habits is poor nutrition. In fact, are you aware what impact it has on your entire day? It is scientifically proven that the systematic poor diet can lead to a bad mood, excessive weight, feeling of weakness, dehydration …

And these are just a few points of a long list of consequences of poor nutrition. However, if circumstances force us to eat at his desk, let’s do it wisely. In this case, many instructors and specialists in nutrition would recommend to make a very significant change, namely to choose foods that will feel the energy and good humor.

How to start eating healthy at workplace?

1. Replace coffee with water or herbal tea. Dehydration can cause headaches, weakness, dizziness, fatigue. While using a sufficient amount of fluids, among other things, you will be in good condition and the weather office will pass much more enjoyable.

2. Replace sandwiches and burgers type „Fast food“ with rye bread.

3. If you do not prefer bread, replace it with a mixture of nuts. Nuts are a source of protein and essential amino acids the body. Experts recommend a mixture of brazil nuts, cashews and walnuts.

4. Replace small packaged cakes with avocado. Avocados are also rich in protein and contains substances that help reduce cholesterol. The fruit that we have taken, must be fresh and very soft to the touch. Cut it in half, remove the pit and eat flesh, engraving it with a teaspoon.

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choose a proper diet accompanied with a walk at lunchtime in the nearest park

5. Replace favorite fruit yogurt with real yogurt enriched with muesli and bio cultures. Muesli are rich in fiber and help lower cholesterol. They are essential for maintaining energy balance. Yogurt with bio cultures is good for intestinal flora and the immune system. With the exception of yogurt, all other products are not required to be stored in the refrigerator, so can easily be stored in the workplace.

Since yogurt at room temperature will be fit for consumption within a few hours, it is best to eat breakfast. If you have a little more time explore the possibility of ordering food via the Internet. It is important to note that in most cities there are already robust set of restaurants offering food delivery to a specified address, without unnecessary fees or just symbolic ones.

This alternative is often united in common electronic platforms enabling order in only a few short steps, which saves time, especially when we are at work. Simply put, look as natural products and food and remember that healthy eating does not preclude the need for movement.

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