How to fight spring fatigue

fight spring fatigue

How to fight fatigue spring with green salads, seafood and yogurt

How to fight fatigue spring with green salads, seafood and yogurt. Spring fatigue is most often expressed by weakness, fatigue, lack of mood and poor performance. About 50% of the world’s population are affected by spring fatigue, and women are more susceptible.

People gained more weight during the winter, are also at risk of falling into depression and symptoms of spring fever. Spring fatigue is the scourge of the whole organism. Due mainly to a lack of vitamins and hard struggle of the organism with winter viruses. We can with a little help yourself to help move this season of the year and we are smiling and full condition.

What is spring fatigue

1. enough sleep is. The best sleep is essential. If necessary, we can build mode so that it can appear 7-8 hours of sleep;
2. Ventilation. The fresh air invigorates the brain and helps him to think better. Oxygen supports the work of blood cells, which is important for the whole organism;

vegetables fight spring fatigue

We offer 12 ways how to fight spring fatigue

3. Walks out. Time becomes more sunny and nice day grew, nature becomes green and walking becomes enjoyable. Among other things, it helps to faster weight loss accumulated during the winter;
4. Sport. Sport is almost mandatory at any time of year, but especially in the spring – particularly important and refreshing the body;
5. Drink more water. It should increase the intake of liquids. They refresh us and help to dispose of all harmful substances that we need. About 1.5 – 2 liters a day is necessary, but must follow the signals of the body;
6. Eating more green and yellow and red foods. In the spring must return to fresh fruits and vegetables on our tables. Greens give us tone – lettuce salad, spinach, arugula, rhubarb, sorrel and much more. Strawberries and cherries helps us fast weight loss, and it has been shown to make us happy;

Easy ways to fight spring fatigue

7. Fish and seafood. These are shrimp, mussels, fish, crabs – they provide the body with proteins that promote the activity of the growth hormones and care for fat burning. Fish are rich in vitamin B6, B12 and omega-3 fatty acid;
8. Yogurt. Bacteria in yoghurt strengthen the body’s immunity. Oats and nuts are rich in protein, phosphorus, magnesium and vitamins that increase energy levels. Nice and light meal in combination with yogurt;

yogurt nuts fight spring fatigue

Due mainly to a lack of vitamins and hard struggle of the organism with winter viruses

9. Eggs. They are rich in vitamin B6, proteins and proteins. Easy, fast and delicious meal and are suitable for any type of meal;
10. lean meat. To avoid meat products with fat. To choose those made up no bacon;
11. Regular sex. Regular sex rejuvenates a full 10 years, elevates mood, immunity, regulate blood pressure, prevents headaches, enhances blood circulation and last but not least – deliver us from overweight;
12. Sauna. The visit to the sauna promotes the elimination of toxins through perspiration. Acts relaxing and relaxing.

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