Italian Butterfly Diet
Italian Butterfly Diet is the new hit among the diets

Italian Butterfly Diet  is the new hit among the diets. The Italians were crazy about the new Butterfly diet. Every 5th resident of Milan today respects the unique regime that the body has without deprivation and hunger. There is no man in Italy who has not tried it at least once in his life.

The Butterfly Diet wins its name from the way the people who follow it feel. It gives a sense of absolute ease. The idea of ​​the regime was born in Italy. This is why the main foods are typical for the country – peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, parmesan cheese, beef, olive and olive oil, etc.

7 day diet butterfly diet

Day 1

mediterranean salad orange avocado
The Italians were crazy about the new Butterfly diet

Breakfast: 70 g stewed or boiled beef, two tomatoes;
Lunch: a handful of boiled green beans, eight olives;
Dinner: Salad of 3 green peppers, 6 lettuce leaves, seasoned with lemon and a little olive oil;
Day 2
Breakfast: 2 oranges or two peaches;
Lunch: 70 g roasted chicken, 4 leaves lettuce, 3 tablespoons Shredded parmesan;
Dinner: a handful of almonds, 1 red apple;
Day 3
An Italian butterfly is the new hit among the diets
Breakfast: 150 g of choice fruit;
Lunch: Salad of chopped kiwi, apples and pears, orange juice dressing;
Dinner: 50 g fried fillets of cod or other white fish;
Day 4
Spaghetti with tomato sauce

spaghetti tomato basil
Italian Butterfly Diet a variation of healthy eating

Breakfast: 2 walnuts, a handful of finely chopped prunes, grapes;
Lunch: a handful of spaghetti with tomato juice and nothing else;
Dinner: 80 g boiled beef, 2 cucumbers;
Day 5
Breakfast: a handful of almonds with yogurt;
Lunch: Beef stewed with parsley, tomatoes and pepper, prepared slowly on low heat;
Dinner: Green salad with a piece of brined cheese.
Day 6
Orange juice
Breakfast: 1 cup of orange juice;
Lunch: a handful of chicken risotto with a hard boiled egg;
Dinner: 1/3 ripe pineapple.
The seventh day is a break. In it you can eat everything you want, but in measure.
Although the regime appears to be poor at first glance, you should keep in mind that Italian cuisine is especially satiating. The food is nutritious and tasty enough, and only after the third day will make you feel light as a butterfly.

The results come quickly. As in any mode, you will also need to drink plenty of water here to allow your body to take the excess. If necessary, the mode can be repeated but necessarily with a day break between sessions.