Japanese technique to eliminate pain

Foot massage

This Japanese technique to eliminate pain in your body and only one procedure.

This Japanese technique to eliminate pain in your body and only one procedure.
According to the principles of reflexology on the feet are key points that are responsible for the proper functioning of the whole organism. Such a simple action such as massaging the feet will help you forget the feeling of pain in various body parts! Due to the stimulation of specific areas causing blood flow to internal organs and helps to solve a number of health problems.

Foot massage

Nerve endings that are located on the feet are a valuable tool for healing! In Eastern medicine, massage of the feet and toes is considered a panacea.
By doing this procedure at night, you will feel the improvement of self-esteem, a surge of strength and at full night’s sleep you will rest and will wake up in the morning completely renovated …
If massaging the tips of your toes, you can get rid of headaches and stimulate brain activity.

Foot massage

Japanese technique for removing the pain, keep the work of the whole organism and strengthen the nervous system

The area around the big toe will help you not suffer from neck pain – you have to massage it actively.
Massaging the area in the center of the foot helps to deal with diseases of the lungs, relieves pathological condition in asthma, it helps with shortness of breath.
Stretching area just below the big toe, protruding cushion, you will take care of the entire cardiovascular system and help the heart to work without interruption.
Massaging the inside of the foot under the arch, removes the burden of liver and relieves the pain.
Back pain will subside if well massaging heel.

Reflektologichen foot massage

Samomasazh do every night before bedtime. With warm hands crushed in the first stairs and then massaged by alternating circular motions, rub with light pressure stroking and plucking. You can include in this process and kokalchetata hands and fists. Use massage oil with a drop of your favorite essential oil for additional relaxing effect.
Particular attention spend on problem zones. Press and release the consistent point of this place for one minute. Indicator of the correctness of your actions is the lack of pain.
Contraindicated for this massage are acute inflammatory processes and fungal diseases of the feet.
Head massage fingertips helps relieve headache and a positive efektvarhu brain, stimulating work.
Eyes: To eliminate eye fatigue massage will help in the area of ​​the foot under the second and third finger. Regularly impacting this place eventually may even improve eyesight.
Small intestine: To solve the problem of excessive flatulence and constipation massage helps in the center of the arch.
Lung: For recovery and purification of the lung is recommended massage in the area of ​​the foot beneath the toes. For smokers, current and former, it is particularly useful.

massage of the feet

releasing about 10 minutes for regular foot massage.

Cross: Pay attention to this area if you suffer from sciatica! Massaging the foot will bring needed relief.
NECK: From pain in the cervical spine suffer a third of office workers. Take for yourself little attention after a busy day to relieve tension and pain in the neck.
Heart: All heart rhythm disturbances and discomfort in the heart cause to seek medical advice immediately. But as a preventive measure you can rub the corresponding zone of the foot.
Stifle: Pain and fatigue in the knees relieves massaging the outside of each heel.
Stomach: For good digestion it is useful to act on the upper part of the arch of the foot. Moreover reflexology will be unnecessary in the complex treatment of gastrointestinal diseases.
Thyroid: Regular massage in this area will contribute to the proper functioning of the thyroid gland.
Liver: On our livers can not be jealous! Keep his health massage in the area of ​​the foot, it will be useless …

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