Lazy and making love prolong life

making love

making sex at work

Lazy and making love prolong life, it is not a belief but a fact. Do you remember that when we were young, parents taught us that we should not be lazy. Some of us have listened to the teachings of the older ones, others have not.

The latter should live longer than the obedient, as laziness has proven to be beneficial to health and longevity, according to scientists from the University of South Carolina.

After a three-and-a-half-year study, they debunked the theory that good habits prolong life, and vices cut it down. According to the survey, most of the longevity people enjoy their lives and do not lead a life-like life at all.

Laughter and sex prolong life

„Gerontologists highlight three important factors for life expectancy: heredity, ecology, and living conditions,“ said academician Vladimir Shabalin of the Russian Academy of Sciences, „The human brain, as well as the entire body without workload, is aging faster.“

lazy at work

Lazy and making love prolong life, it is not a belief but a fact.

Eugene Mukhin, a neurologist professor at the Russian Academy of Sciences, said: „Love is another necessary factor for longevity,“ says American sexologist Professor Herbert Gilenheim, „Sex stimulates the work of the glands with internal secretion and the production of hormones they are a powerful tool for rejuvenation.

As a Cuban old age phenomenon, Cubans have an average life expectancy of 78. Local residents are convinced that the secrets of their longevity are laziness and sex, the systemic use of alcohol, cigars and coffee.

They say that it is important that the motor activity, which improves the metabolism, actively supplies blood to the organs and tissues.

For 50, low-intensity sports are recommended – bowling, swimming, dancing or just hurried walking.

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