drink burns fat belly
Magic drink burns fat belly in a balanced diet. Eating one banana a day filled us with energy

Magic drink burns fat belly  in a balanced diet. Eating one banana a day filled us with energy and generally satisfy your appetite. While it is considered quite caloric fruit that is not exactly so he can achieve great things with our body.

In a medium-sized fruit has about 100kalorii, less than a gram of fat and useful enough fiber. Its high nutrient content is ideal for obtaining valuable for our body, vitamins and is very useful for health.

The high content of potassium in the fruit reduces anxiety and is able to significantly reduce the fat in the abdomen. This may be possible with an easy and simple magic drink that can drink regularly and only after weeks to enjoy good results, especially if combined with exercise and other healthy foods.

Perfect stomach

-1 Tsp coconut oil;

Magic drink burns
Magic drink burns fat belly takes one part before strenuous exercise to not feel hungry

What you need to do is very simple, get the products ready and load the blender drink, but her you need:
-orange (small);
-1/2 Cup nonfat yogurt
-1/4 Tsp ginger;
-2 Tablespoons flaxseed;
-2 Tablespoons whey powder
Mix everything in a blender. Do drink in the morning and drink it, so apart from anything else will you energized throughout the day. Of course, it is not good to train on an empty stomach.

This can lead to a fall in blood sugar, fatigue and dizziness. To not fall into the trap of these conditions, you should choose appropriate foods that give you good training.

It has been shown that light meal before exercise increases the percentage of fat burned. If you feel hungry just before a workout bet on a piece of fruit, dried fruit, granola, sports drink or fruit juice – something small to fool hunger.

When you eat food rich in fat, protein and fiber, you have to wait at least four hours before an active physical activity. When your food is light, the time is reduced to two hours.