Morning love rituals

Morning love rituals with our loved one in life. The mornings are the start of the day. They are a gift from life. However, too many of us do not seem to realize it. For some, it is a real pain to get out of bed and the day begins with such a reluctance that it is too low to go up. On the contrary, in the mornings when everything is black, we are asleep and all of us are guilty, and our afternoons are like that. I often like to say that if you awaken an unwillingness, do not expect the world to want you by itself. But is there no way to make them nicer? Not only for us, but also for our loved ones. To awaken with gratitude for the next sunrise in our lives. Let us recall some of the morning rituals that would present us with a beautiful and meaningful day.

Morning coffee with friend

Morning coffee with friend

Imagine the usual picture – you can barely get out of bed, he is still asleep, the child too. You start waking them up, resulting in sour faces and only moaning and dissatisfaction. After a lot of nerves on your part, the child finally rises and heads to the bathroom. During this time, you put on some makeup, and he dresses and taps the news on your phone. Then everyone in a hurry goes out for somewhere, almost without a word. Do you know anything familiar? I’ve always hated such mornings. I know that sleep is often stronger than a smile, but I also know that if we don’t find the strength for it, then no one will bring it to us. Therefore, it is a good idea to impose some morning rules that will start our day with joy as it should be.

Good morning is a must-have greeting!

Some time ago I didn’t find it necessary. I got so much sleep in the morning and my loved ones seemed too close to even greet them. Then I thought about the fact that when I enter the office I always greet. Why, then, did I deprive the people I love most about wishing them a good morning? Don’t plant alienation with each other. You may think that these „details“ are not decisive, but you are not at all correct. Attitude and respect are evidenced not only by actions but also by words.

One morning I stared at myself in the mirror until I was asleep and angry all over the world – I did not see a memory from my pretty face. My partner often told me „you’re not pretty when you’re not smiling“. Suddenly I realized what he wanted to say to me. The feeling of a new day full of opportunities, in the morning when you open your eyes and are healthy and able to work, are enough reasons to smile and give the people around us a little good mood. Does it really cost you effort?

What better than starting your day with five minutes of warm hugs under the blanket !? It may sound absurd, but if you set your alarm 5-10 minutes early in the morning and use that stretch and jam time, both are guaranteed to start the day with much nicer thoughts. Ten minutes more sleep does not make you more rested. Therefore, choose the hugs for postponement. This dream is not complete, it is of no use to you and only makes you nervous.

Shared coffee, compliments and time to look at loved ones

Yes, in the morning we certainly do not care and compliments. Some of us don’t have time to share our coffee with a loved one. And yet, there are ways to make his day as good as your day. Sometimes it only takes seconds. Remember that it is imperative that you show your loved ones that they are important to us. If you manage to notice your partner in the morning ideally „tired“ for work, if you can tell him, if you just look at him and appreciate the happiness of sharing your mornings, you definitely manage to keep the love alive.

If you send your child a kiss in the morning and even manage to make fun of him on the way to school, you are a much more successful parent than if you were to buy him a new super luxury pen today. I will never forget one morning with my daughter after all the night I was crying. I got it on her, I rebuked her for so many things… When I picked her up from school with a little toy in an attempt to apologize, I got the following „the day was terrible, Mom“. I asked her why, and the answer was „I don’t know, nothing bad happened, I just left that morning.“

Yes, everyone has their bad times and everyone is angry or anxious at times, but the more often we try to quell this discontent with the morning rituals that we make binding, the better we will feel. Making someone’s day more colorful and smiling is the only way and yours to be. Positivism is contagious, and love always needs ‘support’. It does not thrive when it is silent and ignored.

We didn’t tell you anything new, did we? All you have to remember is not just saying yes, but yes, I’ll do it already. And make it your duty, because it’s better than not making someone happy. Or it should be your duty.

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