New requirements for  ingredients in chocolate, an irresistible temptation not only for children, for women, but also for men. In general, this delicacy is a favorite of people of all ages and genders. However, most chocolate lovers admit that this passion is not healthy at all.

New requirements for  ingredients in chocolate
New requirements for  ingredients in chocolate

Along with the unhealthy sweetness of sugar, it lurks other dangers associated with vegetable fats and all sorts of additives that give it the tempting taste that makes it so consumed so intensely.

ew requirements for  ingredients in chocolate has been uploaded for public discussion. The draft regulation fixes some ingredients that must meet specific criteria. They mainly affect cocoa and palm oil. Cocoa must represent at least 35 percent of the total sweet temptation, while palm oil should not exceed 5 percent.

If vegetable fats are present in chocolate cake with roses, they must be properly recorded on the label. The restriction on vegetable fats provides that they do not exceed 5 percent of the total mass of the product. Due to these restrictions, clear criteria are required for the naming of each sweet product with cocoa, thus the effort to protect the health and rights of each consumer of these goods is expected to yield better results.

Chocolate ingredients

If the changes are imposed, in the presence of the name chocolate cake with hazelnuts, we must obtain a product composed of cocoa and sugars, in which the total cocoa mass must be at least 35 percent. Of this, at least 18 per cent must be the proportion of cocoa butter and at least 14 per cent the dry non-fat cocoa mass.

Consumers of cocoa powder must receive a product with at least 20 percent cocoa butter in the dry matter and at least 9 percent water. Powdered chocolates must contain at least 32 percent cocoa, and beverage chocolate must contain at least ¼ cocoa.

How much chocolate is in the cakes

Desserts labeled with milk chocolate should have a total of 25 percent total cocoa powder and 14 percent milk powder. When the chocolate is not pure but has a hazelnut mass, the hazelnut content should be between 14 and 40 grams of finely ground nuts per 100 grams of product.

As for white chocolate, cocoa butter should be at least 20 percent and milk powder 14 percent. Chocolates with filling can be called pralines. If other ingredients are added to chocolate products, they should not exceed 40 percent of the total weight of the product.