Salad of chicory prevents dementia

Salad of chicory

Salad of chicory prevents dementia and keeps us finer and form

Salad of chicory prevents dementia and keeps us finer and form can protect you from many diseases, say scientists. Some components of this vegetable serve as a means for prevention of memory loss – one of the earliest signs of disease. The acid contained in chicory, can help to prevent the formation of lumps, known as amyloid plaques in the brain. They are considered the hallmark of the disease that affects the brain’s ability to function effectively. Experts also believe that the substance can be found in lettuce and dandelion may be used in the future to prevent accumulation of these plaques.

Chinese scientists have discovered a series of studies that acid chicory works by blocking the harmful processes in the brain that cause amyloid plaques. Entities themselves appear in the protein folds of the brain. They have a toxic effect on the main body that causes memory loss itself. To explore the main effect of the acid, the experts used three groups of mice. To the menu first been added lipopolysaccharide, the second giving chicory acid, and the third was added a combination of both substances. After two weeks, researchers studied the ability of rodents to remember how to go the most direct route to your food while avoiding certain obstacles.


Salad of chicory prevents dementia has become quite popular in recent years

Mice that had lipopolysaccharide in the body cope worst. They had their most time to discover the designated platform on which to reach their food. Respectively mice that received a combination of two substances, decided their tasks by about 24% faster. And representatives of the third group that received only acid chicory dealt with goals 64% better than the first group. In a previous study, researchers from the University Yangling found that the average person likely to develop dementia after 60th anniversary is just as high as in people born with the specific gene that causes it.

Now they hope based on the acid chicory develop effective means by which to prevent its occurrence at all. Chicory has a slightly bitter taste and looks like a little kochanche. When cut in salads, it is complemented with lemon juice.

chicory salad

Salad – although many hosts are still wondering how they can prepare

Chicory can be sealed, cut in halves or in full form. Very often prior to baking, chicory wrapped with strips of bacon. The leaves of chicory are used for the preparation of appetizers, as a shape of a boat and can be filled with different products. Chicory with figs and blue cheese is delicious hors d’oeuvre and unconventional.

You need 3 kochancheta chicory, 6 figs, blue cheese 150 g, 100 g cream, 50 g walnuts, 3 tablespoons brown sugar, 2 tablespoons olive oil, salt, white pepper. The cheese is crushed and mixed with cream. Sugar and kernels are heated gently in a bowl on the stove and then poured onto foil. After the mixture cooled down, the nuts are separated from one another. Figs are cut into quarters, put on foil, sprayed with olive oil, salt and white pepper and bake 15 minutes at 180 degrees. Chicory is divided into sheets and on each leaf put a bit of cream mixture in a quarter roasted figs and a walnut kernels.

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