Shallot benefits and application

Shallot benefits and application

Shallot benefits and application

Shallot benefits and application although it is no longer an exotic vegetable for us and we can meet it in a number of larger stores or markets, we rarely reach for it because we are scared of its higher price than our chromid or a familiar onion, and because we are not very aware of what and how to use it.

Therefore, here we will show you what is the application of shallots and what are the benefits of its consumption. As you might guess, Shallot onion is from the Onion family, but we can safely say that it resembles garlic in structure, because in most cases it forms more heads.

His scientific name is Allium ascalonicum, but this is for additional information only – you will not find it in stores this way. However, it may be called Walachian or Serbian roasted onion, though its homeland has nothing to do with the Balkans.

Recipes with Shallot 

It is believed to have been brought to Europe from the ancient Palestinian city of Ashkelon, today known as Ashkelon. Shallot onion has a copper flake color and a whitish interior, which often turns red.

It is more elongated in shape than the recipes with onion and has a much different taste than it. It can be called a favorite among used onions in France, where master chefs often stew it with white wine.

Shallot onion benefits

Shallot benefits and application uses in cooking

It is great for chicken and fish, but it is not advisable to fry it but just to stew it. When frying, it releases bitter, French experts say. Now let’s see what the benefits of it are.

About 100 grams of shallots contain a lot of fiber, vitamins A, C and K, as well as vitamins from the B group. It is rich in calcium, potassium and magnesium and contains no cholesterol.

All this makes it great for use not only in cooking but also for health purposes. You can use it for stomach problems and especially bloating and gas. It produces compresses that work well on the eyes, and in India they prepare a special blend with the addition of sugar to treat sore throat.

In cosmetics it is used to nourish the skin, to remove freckles and as a remedy for hair loss. But most interesting is that it is thought to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer. Is it worth turning a blind eye to its price and starting to include shallot regularly in your menu?

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