The amazing healing power of cactus

amazing healing power of cactus

The amazing healing power of cactus invaluable friend in need

The amazing healing power of cactus invaluable friend in need. In Europe, the cacti are used for interior decoration, as there are over 500 species of cacti.

It turns out that the cactus but a beautiful and easy to grow at home plant / flower is quite unexpected healing abilities. There are various ways to treat diseases namely with cactus.

Since ancient times, local tribes have been using cacti as a remedy. Nowadays the pharmaceutical industry produces drugs to include the substance of cactus.

According to some scientists cacti have incredible property to remove and stop the harmful radiation of electromagnetic field from a variety of appliances such as televisions, computers and other electrical engineering used in everyday life.

Almost all types of cacti are diuretics (drugs, leading to stimulated production of urine). They are used for wound healing and as a means to stop the bleeding.

The juice of cactus with color and properties resembling those of cucumber. Relieves headaches, refreshes and energizes the body.

The curative properties of the cactus help in the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, neurological and cardiovascular diseases.

For the treatment of colds using the stem of the plant and the juice is recommended in various rheumatic diseases to alleviate the pain.

healing recipes with cactus

Some interesting applications of this desert plant, cacti are diuretics, relieves headaches, energizes the body

It is extremely important to note that the preparation of any recipe with cactus becomes only after carefully removing all the thorns! Cactus contains alkaloids having antibacterial effect and stop the growth of microorganisms.

Here are some healing recipes with cactus

– For the treatment of wounds, a mixture of juice of cactus and horseradish in a ratio of two to one. From the resulting mixture is made compress, such as changes to about 2 hours;

– Diseases of upper respiratory tract infections – coughs, bronchitis and the like, a mixture was prepared again by the juice of cactus and marshmallow. For greater effect can add a tablespoon of honey. It is one spoon three times a day;

– When joint pain we cut a large piece of cactus, crushed to pulp and put the sick place, well wrapped with a scarf or something suitable to warm the place. Thus was allowed to stand for at least three hours.

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