The body tells us when and what to eat

body tells us when and what to eat

your body knows exactly at what point what ingredients we lack and need to supply them with food

The body tells us when and what to eat ie the best indicator for us. The body is the best indicator of when and what to eat. By this we can judge for possible problems in the internal systems. Sudden cravings for certain foods, for example stem from the lack of certain substances, and sometimes indicate the start of a serious illness.

Chocolate – this favorite food mostly overfeed women found in PMS or menopause. When the body sends such signals is well give him two or three pieces of chocolate. Excessive use and craving for chocolate, however, which occurs before menstrual cycle or menopause, talk about hormonal disorders and requires appropriate adjustments.

Often, the chocolate is used as antidepressant. Overuse jam can speak of the existence of repressed problems and unconscious desire to attempt to deal with it. Should seriously pay attention to yourself and your feelings. Salt – often desire to salty food is associated with pregnancy, but not necessarily so.

Like desire rather speak to severe stress to which you are subjected. In the salt has natural minerals and salts from the body needs in nerve experiences and fatigue. The strong need for salt may also be an indicator of the presence of a particular source of infection in the body.


The body tells us when and what to eat to have no health problems

To ensure blunt this thirst, then focus on unsalted nuts, grains, fruits and vegetables, goat’s milk, fish and sea salt. Bitter and spicy – bitter desire for food often occurs in intoxication. Preference for spicy foods do have people with impaired urinary and Wrecker function of the stomach.

Oily food – most likely your body requires pepper or garlic to stimulate digestion, calcium deficiency or fat-soluble vitamins. Carbohydrates – if indescribably like to eat pasta, potatoes and sweets, the body signals that are urgently needed carbohydrates. Need to regulate the hormone of energy.

In such a case it is better to avoid sweets, the required dose is considered by fruits, whole wheat flour and brown rice. A deficiency of chromium does compensate with broccoli, potatoes, turkey and oranges. Coffee – The thirst for cafe shows the desire for obodrenie and fresh tone.

A little known but much more effective remedies against sleepiness are iron, protein and folic acid. So better eat boiled egg. Identical operate red meat and fish. If you do you are eating something unusual, like chalk and clay, it speaks of a serious problem. It is best to explore, mainly banal anemia. It is easily removed with proper diet.


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