The most exotic foods of the world

fried larvae

The most exotic foods of the world such as bread with seaweed

The most exotic foods of the world, some delicacies might delight you, but others will seem very strange. Here is what are some of the most exotic foods that can be served to you at various points around the world. In Alaska like eating hotdozi where there venison – as it is quite dry usually is mixed with pork and veal. Hotdozite are extremely popular food, especially during the competitions, dog sledding, which are made in March.

Perhaps it is not much strange for those who love meat because everywhere make hotdozi in which ingredients you probably have a lot more repulsive than venison. In South Africa they like eating dried meat from exotic animals – most often it comes to antelopes and ostriches. The dish is something like our sausage and biltong is called – can be found in all grocery stores. To prepare this delicacy, the meat must be soaked in malt vinegar or cider. Then add some morsels are plenty of spices and left to dry.

Dried meat Ostrich

Traditional dish of Malaysian heat is ABC, which comes from air batu campur in translation – a mix of water and stone. In the so-called. dish put milk, roasted nuts, a little palm sugar is sometimes added to vegetables – all mixed with a pre-shredded ice. Sometimes to all this and put a local supplement – cincau. It is made by boiling the leaves of the herb, which is the type of mint – Local argue that this plant has iodine taste. In Wales, you will be offered to taste bread with algae – actually what you bring, not like the bread that we used to eat. The dish is prepared with purple seaweed, which are traditional local cuisine – Welsh meal is called bara lawr.

Bread with Algae

These algae can be found along the shores of the peninsula Gouar – to prepare the so-called. bread, algae brew. The idea is to turn into something like a paste to which they put oatmeal and fry it all – kind of reminiscent of our cakes. In Tibet you will treated to tea, but different from Westron – instead of honey or sugar, there in the hot drink put salt. At tea typically adds lard piece from Tibetan yak. There drink named po chai and is made from black tea – the local drink several cups a day.

caramelized balut

some delicacies might delight you, but others will seem very strange

The drink is a source of a lot of calories because fat, and it warms the body and protects lips from cracking, explain local. The principle is that the higher up you climb, the more fat will add the warm drink. Tibetan traditions suggest after each exam sip cup of guests to be supplemented. Thais are known for unusual cuisine. One of the favorite dishes of the locals are fried water beetles. In insects contain many proteins, and when fried beetles are crispy and delicious – reminiscent of chips.

Fried insects

Besides this unusual food, you can see the different stalls in Thailand fried mantis, crickets and grasshoppers. The special feature of water beetles that are sized about eight centimeters and quite like cockroaches. To insects can add different flavors, including spicy. For lovers of guinea pigs is perhaps wise to avoid walking in the market in Ecuador – are likely to see a whole roasted guinea pig. Those who have tried it, explain that his taste is reminiscent of the flavor of the duck.

Roast guinea pig

Vietnam, Cambodia and the Philippines may surprise you with a true delicacy – called Ballou. This represents an addle egg duck, which is two weeks – there rudiments of nails, feathers, beak and all that is boiled in egg. Dead in shell eggs actually swim in their own fluid that accumulates in the egg – this dish is considered an aphrodisiac and is highly preferred by the locals.

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