The most harmful foods for teeth

The most harmful foods for teeth, interesting facts from verified sources of information.

harmful foods for teeth

harmful foods for teeth

  • Acidic foods
  • White bread
  • Sports drinks
  • Pickles
  • Dried fruits

Acidic foods – the acids found in citrus break down enamel, causing irreversible damage. Lemon juice and grapefruit juice seem to be the worst of them, although in one study, researchers found that orange juice reduced the hardness of the enamel by 84%.

If you find it difficult to part with your favorite fresh fruit, you can drink it with a straw and rinse your teeth with water after eating. If lemon water is one of your morning rituals and you can’t give it up: don’t brush your whiter teeth for at least 30 minutes before and after drinking the sour drink, dilute the lemon juice with water, use a straw. Choose a remineralizing toothpaste.

foods for teeth

foods for teeth

White bread – according to experts, white bread contains empty calories and refined carbohydrates and is also harmful to teeth – sticks to their cracks and invites bacteria, and after chewing, bread enzymes turn into sugar, causing more harm. You can try another type of bread among the variety on the market or buy one that you are sure is cooked properly.

Why we need to know about the most harmful foods for teeth

Sports drinks – like various juices and carbonated drinks, sports drinks contain a significant amount of sugar. In addition, they are very acidic – a study found that they are even more acidic than soda, for example, and can lead to the destruction of tooth enamel.

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The most harmful foods for teeth, interesting facts from verified sources of information

Pickles – The vinegar in pickles (and pickles), which gives them the astringent taste we love so much, also has a serious acid content. A study of more than 2,300 students in the United Kingdom found that pickles are perhaps the most harmful food for our teeth. If they are also on the list of foods that you can not give up, be sure to rinse your mouth with water immediately after eating.

Dried fruits – dried fruits – even those that do not contain added sugars – usually have a large amount of them. This is bad because the harmful bacteria in our mouths feed on sugar. Dried fruits often stick to the teeth, inviting even more bacteria. Be sure to brush your teeth thoroughly.

Dental health is very important – do not forget to have regular preventive check-ups at the dentist, carefully choose your toothpaste and toothbrush, be careful when consuming certain foods and drinks to save unnecessary inconveniences and problems.

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