The poorest fiber foods

poorest fiber foods

The poorest fiber foods are not consumed frequently especially at night

The poorest fiber foods are not consumed frequently especially at night. Recently, more nutritionists recommend people to focus on diets in which consume fiber-rich foods.

The reason lies in this, that these foods quickly and easily satiate us and does not need to be treading with them while limiting the accumulation of fat and regulate the functions of the digestive system.

To mention what are the poor in fiber foods need to know what the fiber as a whole and which foods contain. Fibers are complex carbohydrates that reduce the amount of calories absorbed as adopted reduce fat and carbohydrates.

At the same time, they retain the toxins and cholesterol, throwing them from the body, normalize peristalsis and increase the feeling of satiety.

Fiber is found in vegetables, fruits, whole grains and legumes and virtually absent in foods rich in fat. This means that if a product has little fat, it is very rich in fiber and vice versa – if it contains lots of fiber, it is low in fat.

As discussed how useful the body have fiber and that they do not contain fatty substances, it is appropriate to mention that you can not eat just fiber.

In all cases, the best option is a healthy and balanced diet that includes certain amounts of all the gifts with which we equip Mother Nature. That is still what are the poor in fiber foods:

alternatives food

The poorest fiber foods that have a chance to avoid in your diet, nutritionists advise in such cases to seek alternatives to such food

1. Mesa – the fat content pork and therefore almost no fiber. But for other meats it is good to know that if you follow a high-fiber diet, you need to choose a lean meat like turkey, rabbit or chicken. Always dispose skin because the fat parts are located directly below it. At the same time remember that meat is the main source of complete protein;

2. Milk – It is low in fiber, but at the same time is extremely valuable food product that is rich in easily digested fats and proteins;

3. Cheese – Although extremely useful, they are low in fiber, which is especially true for the more expensive Swiss and French cheeses;

4. Eggs – low in fiber but high in protein and minerals, the most valuable in them yolk.

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