Therapeutic effect of linseed

Therapeutic effect of linseed

The therapeutic effect of flaxseed been known for great Avicenna

The therapeutic effect of flaxseed been known for great Avicenna, who used it treated his patients who had difficulty breathing and severe cough.

At the end of the XIX century, as a means for the treatment of pneumonia and chronic bronchitis, the administration was initiated precisely ground linseeds.

It is known that flax seed works well in diseases of the digestive system. What else helps flaxseed and how to apply it effectively, see here:

Medicinal properties and application of linseed

For sore throat.   Pour 1 teaspoon of ground flaxseed per 250 ml. cold water. Allow to infuse for 60 minutes, then strain them. Pour into a thermos resulting tea and to stop oplasvaniyata you gargle at least 3-4 times a day. Gargle you can do with herbal teas and lime, thyme or chamomile.


With regular consumption of flaxseed you can heal from chronic constipation. Its action is due to the fact that during the digestive process, it swells, resulting in stimulating peristalsis.

Medicinal properties and application of linseed

Therapeutic effect of linseed, what helps flaxseed, flaxseed application in folk medicine against constipation and liver diseases

It should be borne in mind that flaxseed has a high fat content, which operates with a laxative effect. To have good results, it is good every morning and evening to take 2 tablespoons of flax seed with a pint of cold water.

And to maximize its effect, you can mix flaxseed with a little honey or sugar. Another alternative for solving problems with metabolism is the mixing of wheat bran with linseed in 1: 1 ratio, taken with plenty of liquid.

In bladder stones and liver disease. Putting a hot bag of flax seed on the lower abdomen permanently relieves pain caused by bladder stones.

For this purpose, fill a gauze bag neschukano linseed and shake it for 10 minutes in boiling water. Remove it and leave it to cool. Wrap it into a towel and then for 30 minutes superimpose it hurts.

Bag of flax seed has been tested means if you have a painful burden in the liver. The heat that acts in depth, will soothe swelling. Hot bag with linseed also helps toothache, rheumatism, abdominal pain.

Faster way to take advantage of the healing properties of flaxseed is to buy quality capsules with linseed oil, and thus what they acknowledge will be many times more concentrated and higher effect on various diseases.

Capsules with linseed oil can be found in pharmacies. Do not forget about the wonderful role of flaxseed in cooking – in salads, in casseroles in health shakes.

If you love freshly baked homemade bread, now you can prepare the recipe for fluffy bread with many seeds.

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