Top foods for good sleep

banana foods for good sleep

Top food for a good sleep, one reason is spicy food in the evening and the other is alcohol in all its forms, must also avoids caffeine and sodas

Top foods for good sleep, why mass people suffer from insomnia and have serious problems with sleep and normal sleep at night. This show and many of the latest surveys.

It turns out that diet affects a lot of our sleep. If you often can not get a good night’s sleep, most likely reason is not alarming, but if it happens every day, or worse, maybe you suffer from insomnia.

This condition is characterized by the inability to sleep or too long to fall asleep after going to bed until finally drift off to sleep (sometimes just before the sun rises or alarm to ring). In most cases, insomnia is caused by stress, nerves and anxiety, but personal issues and what you eat can also have a strong influence.

Insomnia can be caused by sleep apnea, cardiovascular problems or depression. Here are five foods that will contribute to a peaceful and pleasant sleep.

Number 1: Bananas – While it is known that they increase energy, bananas are rich in magnesium. He relaxes muscles, which in turn is conducive to easy sleep.

Number 2: Almond – Known as an excellent source of healthy fats, they also contain magnesium. It naturally helps reduce nerve function and leads to reassurance and easy sleep.

Number 3: Copper – Just one teaspoon of honey is enough to stimulate the secretion of melatonin in the brain and reduce anxiety.

Which foods help Mr. adobriya sleep

Number 4: Oatmeal – Rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids promote the production of melatonin hypnotic.
Number 5: Turkey meat – With its rich in protein, they will easily make you fall asleep.

honey top food

Why mass people suffer from insomnia and have serious problems with sleep and normal sleep at night

Number 6: Whole-grain bread. Did you know that 1 slice of bread can cause the body to release insulin? It passes through the blood and produce serotonin – a chemical that alleviates depression and decreases the state of wakefulness. This will help you sleep peacefully at night. And imagine how delicious if you combine a piece of toast with a little honey!

Besides food that you prefer for dinner, there are some foods and drinks that definitely avoid. Among them are primarily alcohol, it is not conducive to good sleep, so avoid it during dinner. Do not also recommend the cheese and fatty foods.

They are heavier for the body and are heavy on the stomach and digestion. We must avoid bitter and spicy foods. And last but not least, it is recommended consumption of coffee in the evening. It is well known that caffeine has more ability to awakens us, than us sleepy.


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