Useful properties of chestnuts

properties of chestnuts

Useful properties of chestnuts that will heal and brighten

Useful properties of chestnuts that will heal and brighten. Few people know that wild chestnuts are useful.

With them we will be healthier, but also more beautiful. Now is the time to jump to a nearby park and gather chestnuts. Here are a few recipes for their application.

1. From the horse chestnuts can be obtained a white powder, it will improve the condition of the gums will whiten a shade. First, the chestnuts are cleansed from the brown shell.

Dry, white kernel is ground into flour. Your medicine is ready. You will have a natural remedy for oral hygiene. You only need to dissolve a little powder with a little water and rub the teeth and gums;

2. white powder chestnut stop hair loss. This white part of the chestnut is most useful for health. Peeled chestnuts were dried, then ground with a coffee grinder. This material you can use when you need under different conditions. With well-diluted white powder wash her hair.

Useful chestnuts

Useful properties of chestnuts that will help us to be healthier and in combination with other herbs and plants will ease our pain a surprising result

You’ll be surprised, but only after a month this mixture will normalize the work of sebaceous glands of the head, hair loss will stop and start growing new hair;

3. Chestnuts and relieve sinusitis. White on the inside part are made small suppositories and placed into the nostrils for 20 minutes. People who have tried are very satisfied with the results;

4. Chestnuts against arthritis. Wild chestnut flour is placed in warm coconut oil or mustard. You should get slurries with which to anoint themselves. Then the roof leg with nylon top and put a sock or screwed cloth;

5. If varicose veins are placed in a suitable container cracked and peeled chestnuts. Pour alcohol or alcohol as cover and leave in a cool dark place. Whom change color alcohol ready. Every night can anoint and rub with the resulting tincture. If you have a similar problem, just prepare your recipe and be healthy!


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