What contain crab rolls

What contain crab rolls

What contain crab rolls, how to prepare crab rolls and how to eat natural food additives crab rolls, delicious appetizers with crab rolls

What contain crab rolls, this is the meat from crab tails and purified fish protein known as surimi. Surimi is made from the flesh of white fish, the most common hake, but also swordfish, tilapia, different kinds of sharks. It is to comminute the puree and then boiled in order to become elastic.

Japanese surimi means mashed fish. Besides the composition of surimi crab rolls included potato starch, vegetable fat, salt, sugar, water, natural flavor, natural color and nutritional supplements highlighting the taste and preserve the structure of the product in deep freeze.

The starch in the crab rolls is used as a connecting element of the molecules in the fish protein. After heat treatment the starch gives the final product an additional elasticity. But the amount of starch in the product should not exceed 10%, otherwise the end product loses elasticity and becomes brittle and dry.

In the production of crab rolls using only natural aromatic extracts obtained from Pacific crabs. To mimic the color of natural crab meat rolls covered with a layer of colored dough, the composition of which includes two natural coloring – red pepper and carmine.

The combination of these two pigments allows to obtain a wide range of red colorants – from orange to purple. Used natural supplements not only improve product quality, but also good for health. Carrageenan – these are natural thickeners, derived from red algae of the genus Rhodophyceae.

Humanity has long found that seaweeds are a source of many trace elements needed by the body. Different types of algae produce different types of carrageenan. They are mainly used for their gelling properties. Furthermore, certain types of carrageenan preventing the separation of water in the deep freeze.

crab rolls contain

What contain crab rolls, this is the meat from crab tails and purified fish protein known as surimi

Sodium glutamate contained in crab rolls, itself no taste and smell, but there are special property reinforces the taste of other products. There is no reason for concern about the content of sodium glutamate in products. It is present in many types of foods and in the human body.

Crab rolls are widely used in cooking. Can be used for a variety of dishes, they are given and tasty appetizers, hors d’oeuvres and salads. Crab rolls can PANIC to bake, but also in raw form are very tasty. Very often used for making salads with mayonnaise, which can put corn, peas, pickles and whatever else you like.

Fried crab rolls are very tasty, cook easily, as breading you need only eggs, flour, salt, baking powder and a little water. Rolls are rolled in breading and fried in heated oil. Obtained wonderful beer appetizer.

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