Japanese breakfast
What is the traditional Japanese breakfast

What is the traditional Japanese breakfast Contains, It Is Like No Other Traditional Japanese Breakfast is different from any other breakfast you will ever try. It consists of foods that make up a full meal that can be enjoyed at lunch or dinner.

Typically, traditional Japanese breakfasts consist of stewed rice, miso soup, protein such as grilled fish and various side dishes. Known side dishes can include tsukemono, nori (dried seafood), natto (fermented soybeans), kobachi (small side dishes that usually consist of vegetables) and green salad.

However, this breakfast is not heavy or heavy. The size of the portions is consistent with appetite, and the dishes are not greasy or fried. To fill the Japanese breakfast, you need to include one of the following foods:

japanese miso soup
japanese miso soup

1) rice;
2) soup;
3) proteins (fish, eggs or fermented soybeans)
4) side dish (pickles or other vegetable dishes).
Finish your meal with a glass of hot green tea.
What dishes are included in a traditional Japanese breakfast?

Stuffed rice

Stewed White Hakuami rice or Brown Genmai is a basic and obligatory part of the traditional Japanese breakfast and you should definitely turn it on.

Soup Miso

japanese pancake
japanese pancake

Soup Miso is a traditional Japanese soup made from Msoo fermented soy paste and Dashi broth. Known ingredients include tofu, chopped green onions, algae, Japanese mushrooms, mussels or other seasonal ingredients. It is also an indispensable part of the Japanese breakfast.

Fermented soy beans Natto

Natto (see the gallery) is served on steamed rice and this dish is considered a high-protein Japanese breakfast.

jook kayu rice porridge
jook kayu rice porridge

This dish with a strong aroma is seasoned with soy sauce, chopped green onions, dried seaweed and other flavor additives.
4. Fish on the grill
Fish is a very popular part of Japanese breakfast. It is often roasted only with salt, and salmon is the preferred Japanese fish. Another popular fish is dried horse mackerel.
5. Pickled vegetables (Tsukemono)
Pickled vegetables are a major dish in Japanese cuisine as they can accompany any type of rice.
6. Dried dry algae (Nori)
Dried and seasoned seaweed is also a major part of Japanese cuisine and is intended for consumption with steamed rice. They also often attend the breakfast table.