What personality are according to the food

Fans of vegetables

What personality are according to the food, according to a recent study.

What personality are according to the food, according to a recent study. According to a recent study of Japanese professionals our favorite food reveals not only our taste preferences, but a large part of our character. See what scientists say for each of the lovers of six basic food products.

Fans of vegetables

Individuals in whose main vegetable dishes see are vibrant and full of positive energy. They are contacts, friendly and quickly implement their goals. Achieve success both in learning and at work. They enjoy relatively good health, although sometimes have some heartburn.

Fans of fruits

If you are the people who often reach for melons, watermelons, strawberries and any other fruit, you probably are quite sensitive nature. Since you are very compassionate, friendship and your advice are highly valued. You are not of the most ambitious people, so usually put their careers in the background.

Lovers of morsels

Avid meat eaters are characterized by impulsive and sometimes quite unpredictable behavior. It is because of controversial behavior in their lives often alternating periods of success and loss. They hate criticism and if someone tries to correct them in one way or another, often refer their anger.

Lovers of fatty foods

What personality are according to the food, is there a link between diet and the character of the man who administered health conditions

These people should be very attentive to their health because excessive consumption of meat can cause them problems with the cardiovascular system.

Fans of fish

If you are from individuals who every day can enjoy fish and seafood, you’ve probably calm, reasonable and enterprising nature. Scientists say these people are great halves, as they are monogamous and extremely attentive to loved ones. Problem with them is their reluctance sometimes to be completely sincere. Usually this happens when fear it could hurt someone with your mind.

Addicts spices

Surely in your environment you have at least one person who can not start lunch without a dish seasoned with black pepper or any other spice. If you know him well will confirm that he is quite temperamental and colorful personality. In fact, these people constantly raging some emotions, but they like because no unrest their life would be dull and gray.

Lovers of fatty foods

If you think that people who overdo Blessed are slow and neenergichni quite wrong. They are contact and full of energy. This helps them to enjoy a great career. No large list of friends, but their few close people love them because they are sincere, interesting and open. Rather they boast a lot of admirers, as no man to resist their charm.



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